Microsoft’s BigPark Studio have announced Joy Ride Turbo, a sequel to the Kinect launch title, Kinect Joy Ride. The original game received mediocre reviews with a lack of responsiveness for steering being cited as one of the major flaws, something BigPark seem to be dealing with by ditching the Kinect aspect altogether and opting for the traditional controller.

The game will be an Xbox Live Arcade title, which was the original plan for Kinect Joy Ride, and is set to release in “just a few weeks”. Asides from the lack of Kinect functionality, the game is said to look and feel a lot like it’s predecessor, retaining the simple, cartoon graphic style and accessible gameplay.

There are three main game modes, Battle Race, Pro Race and Time Trial, with options for four-player local play and up to eight players online. There is also a new Stunt Park mode, a vast open area featuring cliff jumps, cannons and more.

Kinect Joy Ride was originally conceived as a controller based, arcade game, before getting the Kinect treatment. Perhaps by taking it back to the drawing board, BigPark can keep the fun and ditch the problems, making Joy Ride Turbo the crazy karting experience that they hoped for.

Joy Ride Turbo is due for release on the X360 very soon.

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Ryan Holt
Ryan Holt

It was also meant to be free when it was first announced to take over from 1 Vs 100. Bet they don't plan on going back to that idea though.

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