Apparently not content with announcing steampunk stealth title Dishonored over the past week, Bethesda have announced a new title, currently codenamed “Zwei”.

Working with Tango Gameworks and director Shinji Mikami, best known for that little game Resident Evil, Zwei is said to also be a survival horror title. The above image is said to be a collage of different environments that Tango put together for the announcement and is ‘intended to give a feel for the tone and the direction the production is taking’.

According to the press release, both Shinji Mikami and the team at Tango are ‘committed to making a game that is the realization of *pure* survival horror, an experience which he defines as one that pushes the limits of fear and exhilaration‘.

“A true ‘survival horror’ game is one in which the player confronts and overcomes fear,” says Shinji Mikami, president and creative director for Tango Gameworks. “I’ve found my focus and once again I’m striving for pure survival horror. I am being very hands-on in the development of this game to ensure that the quality is there. Rest assured.”

Bethesda and the creator of Resident Evil working on a survival horror title? Looks like we’re getting our open-world zombie RPG, gamers.

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