The next big DLC pack for Battlefield 3 titled “Close Quarters” is due out this June and we managed to get some hands on time as well as information about the upcoming maps and content due for release.

‘Close Quarters’ is the next batch of DLC before the ‘Armoured Kill’ and ‘End Game’ packs are released later this year. Each of these packs has a different theme and Close Quarters sees a greater focus on infantry only, small scale gameplay.

Partrick Bach Executive Producer at DICE told us that with this batch of DLC they want the player to feel the world crashing down around you, putting the player into intimate settings where the destructive power of the Frostbite 2 engine can really be shown off. This means vast amounts of destruction making the environment come alive as everything from walls to furniture getting destroyed and shot to pieces with enemies around every corner.

Tight level design catered to an infantry only game mode means that vertical gameplay becomes a key role inside as well as from balconies and overlooks scattered around the map. You can really see this in the Ziba Tower trailer and screenshots released last month.

We got hands on with one of the four new maps titled Donya Fortress and got to play with Gustav Halling, Gameplay Designer at DICE at our side.

On this map we were introduced to the new game mode Conquest Domination, a mode where there is no home base and with only three flags that cannot be spawned on, but are really quick to capture with a squad. We were also introduced to ten new weapons such as the ACW-R Carbine, the M417 sniper rifle, the L86LSW machine gun and the M5K tactical machine pistol as well as ten new assignments and five unique dog tags that will add to the core game experience.

From the outset we could see that this was a very quick thinking gameplay mode with vast levels of destruction and chances to run into players around every corner. It also became clear on just how much the importance of key positioning in this game type had been thought about as we soon found ourselves under fire from balconies overlooking flag capture points.

This really adds a level of panic as we tried to figure out where we were being attacked from. The destruction this time around really drawing you into how frantic and intimate gunplay can be in a scaled down environment compared to the vast open maps of the main game.

For those who may have wained from Battlefield 3, Close Quarters is a solid start to a whole batch of fresh content that will not draw you back in, but will stick a helmet on your head, jam a rifle in your hand, and throw you headlong into the breach once more.

Close Quarters is due out this June and will be released on PC, X360 and PS3 for $14.99/1200MSP. It will be available one week earlier to PS3 players.


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