Following up from yesterday’s announcement that a Arkham City Game Of The Year edition was to be released, including the new Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC, an FAQ has appeared on the games forums which confirms that our red and black acrobat won’t be playable.

The DLC looks to be set in a closed environment and states that players will “switch between Robin and Batman, Robin is NOT then available for Arkham City free roam”.

I must say that not only am I disappointed not be able to swing Harley’s massive mallet at foes and taking her toe-to-toe with foes but I’m also pretty bummed out that we still can’t take Robin out to the Arkham City streets (unless your a PC gamer and have nabbed that nifty mod).

For full details about the GOTY edition and the Harley Quinn DLC, check out the full FAQ.

Harley Quinn’s Revenge will be released on May 29th for 800 points on Xbox Live and $9.99 on PSN.

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