Free PS Vita Apps Arrive Today

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A post up on the PlayStation Blog has confirmed that three new apps will be coming to the PS Vita for free starting today.

First up is Paint Park, a simple doodling app that allows you scribble away using the touchscreen by yourself or with up to six others. It even utilises the devices front and rear cameras so you can take snaps and scribble all over those too. Players can share their drawings with others so I can imagine that we’ll be seeing a lot of penises with eyes drawn on them.

Next up is Treasure Park which is due for release this Summer. This app let’s you create and share puzzles using the Near and 3G network. Whether or not you can create SAW type puzzle situations is currently unknown.

The final app in the trio, also due for release this Summer, is Wake Up Club. This app simply turns you PS Vita into an alarm clock that can sync up with other PS Vita users who set their alarm for the same time. I’m not sure why you’d need to sync alarms with friends but oh well! The app also comes with a variety of customised alarm tones and fascias.

Paint Park is available to download on the PS Vita for free right now with the others to follow this Summer.

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