Miyamoto has confirmed to Spanish newspaper El Mundo that a brand new Super Mario Bros. will be shown at E3 for the Wii U. During the interview whilst Miyamoto was in Paris, the newspaper asked him about plans for Wii U games and stated that he mentioned work on Super Mario Bros, a new Pikmin and several smaller projects for Nintendo’s next gen console.

Eurogamer contacted Nintendo for confirmation on if the Spanish source were correct and they confirmed the story, adding that more plans for E3 are to come at a later date.

When the 3DS was released last year, it had a lack in key Nintendo IP’s at launch. It was only when titles such as Mario Kart 7 were released that the system launched into high sales. Are Nintendo going to release the Wii U with a Mario title at launch? It would be an incredibly sensible idea, and definitely get the parent and more casual audience to jump on the system from day one.

A rumour posted earlier this month has stated that Japanese retailers have been given memos giving the official launch date of the Wii U. The launch date in question is said to be Sunday November 18th in America and a week later for Japan but this is still unconfirmed.

To find out more about the Wii U, check out our previous article covering the full hardware specs.

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