Are Valve & Apple Teaming Up?

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Last week, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, was spotted visiting Valve’s headquarters in Washington but as to why he made the visit is a mystery. He may have wanted to discuss options of getting Steam onto iOS, for example but Cult of Mac have heard from sources that Tim was there to discuss Apple’s entry into the home console market.

Sources told the website that Apple are developing a TV set with a touch screen remote and Siri technology. The TV would also come with an Apple branded console with a Kinect-esque motion control peripheral. The interface is also said to heavily rely on motion and touch controls.

As we know, rumours have recently been abound that Valve has been developing a Steam Box, a dedicated console that would run Steam titles. Job listings on Valve’s website have discussed that the company is working on a hardware project and other rumours have discussed the box using biometrics to handle different users.

Gabe has recently said in the past couple of months that Valve would rather have hardware manufacturers help with those form of projects, as they already know the market. With all of this information combined, could Apple be delivering a Steam console and would said console be a success if you had to have a specific TV set to use it?

The future is uncertain, but it will be exciting to see what happens. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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I wouldn't buy a whole tv to plat a certain gaming console. That's ridiculous and unnecessary. Siri technology on your tv? I'm sure those sports fans screaming at their tvs need Siri. Or hell, the way some CoD fans do to theirs. As for a touchscreen remote, interesting. Though as universal remotes prove, you don't need to build a whole damn television just to make a remote work. What about a 60" ipad on your wall? THAT would interest me. A touchscreen tv. You could use Steam if they got it on their iOS as one mentions in the article speculation, and it'd be real cool to be able to open your game apps as well, then that new remote could let you step back and play or do any ipad things. But imagine the price...


It's a possibility but most Valve titles are PC developed. This visit may have just been to ensure that more titles have Mac compatibility. Besides an Apple branded console would not be reasonably priced at all.


Technically, Valve titles are developed for the Source engine which means it can be exported for both PC and Mac as both systems now support the engine.

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