Footage hidden amongst a show reel belonging to former Valve and Weta artist Gray Horsfield has revealed a few things that aren’t in any currently announced Valve games.

Gray’s reel (which seems to indicate his job role at Valve was “Chief Explosions Dude”) contains examples of his destruction effects work on games such as HL2: Episode 2, Portal 2, Left 4 Dead and DOTA2. In amongst clips from these popular Valve titles there are two sections that show unreleased animation that Gray worked on before leaving the company earlier this year.

The first part of the video you may recognise from the concept art that appeared and very quickly disappeared from Peter K├Ânig’s portfolio site back in February. The video shows shots of complicated looking planetoids and a large space carrier with a smaller craft contained within. This small vessel is reminiscent of models shown in previous leaks of the “SOB” project, named after the registration number on its side.

The second section features Source engine footage of a giant flying swarm of jet black alien bird things that will probably be chasing me when I go sleep tonight. The alien environment in the video differs from the rest of the established Valve game universes and the theme indicates that both bits of animation might be from the same project.

Unfortunately there is no word on whether this is a yet-to-be-announced title or a cancelled project no longer under an NDA, but it’s exciting to see anything that hints at a new series from Valve.

Maybe if we’re nice Uncle Gabe will give it to us for Christmas.

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