Wii U Release Date Leaked

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According to WiiUDaily, Japanese retailers have been given an internal memo detailing the release details for the Wii U. The launch date in question is said to be Sunday November 18th in America and a week later for Japan.

The report was recieved at locations such as Media Land in Akihabara. It’s important to note that both the Wii and the 3DS were released on a Sunday, and November 18th was the release date for the Gamecube. Could Nintendo be hammering a memento to their previous console or is this just someone utilising the previous schedule to their hoaxs advantage?

Nintendo has previously said that the consoles release would happen in Fall 2012, so the date certainly seems to be accurate. As to whether the date is real, or if its subject to delay, we shall have to wait to see. It’s likely that we’ll be officially given the concrete date at E3 when the console shall probably get detailed further.

Source: WiiUDaily

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