Before Duke Nukem Forever finally got released and ruined the fun, April 1st would usually see forums across the world groaning under the weight of “Release Date Announcements” and the like. What japes! This year however, there have been some fantastically creative April Fools from the world of gaming, so we’ve brought you a list of our top 5 gaming April Fools of 2012.

5) SEGA Bass Fishing Of The Dead!

I know what you’re thinking. “OH GOD I WOULD SO PLAY THAT!”. Well of course you would, but it’s not happening. No, this was SEGA’s own April fool this year and it’s a good one.

4) Rock Band: The Boardgame

Harmonix released this hilariously over the top “commercial” for Rock Band: The Board Game. Personal favourite moment, definitely “Flip The Board!”. Although, I tend to do that whenever I play Monopoly…

3) Mass Effect Cartoon

That’s right folks, Mass Effect: The Animated Series! Coming soon to a Saturday morning near you! With the world’s greatest theme song, all the rock music based combat you can handle and a “choose-your-own” selection of twelve different endings per episode!

2) Nintendo 3DS Dubstep Experience

There have been game ideas far, far stranger than this (to know Seaman is to know true fear), so it wouldn’t shock me if people were taken in by Nintendo Dubstep. Try as I might, I can’t choose my favourite part of this particular April Fools. Seeing Ash Ketchem breaking it down was a treat, but perhaps not as much fun as the troll wars going on in the Youtube comments. “THAT ARE NOT DUBSTEPS!”

1) Assassin’s Creed For Kinect

I genuinely cried with laughter when I saw this, though if I had thought it was true I probably would have cried for the ruination of the AC series. Thankfully, it was just an absolutely brilliant fan parody.

So, were you taken in by any of these? Maybe you spotted one that we missed? Drop us a comment below or hit the forums to let us know.


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