The row about the Mass Effect 3 ending is waging on, with retailers now offering full refunds for any customer saying they’re not satisfied with the ending. has stated that they will take the game back for an exact refund, even if the case has been opened and any code has been used. EA’s own digital distribution service Origin will also be refunding players. All they have to do is contact customer services and the game will be taken off of their account.

This of course has caused rifts, with some communities simply getting their game refunded not because of a distaste of the ending, but as they are seeing it as being able to play the game all the way through and get their money back with no risk. It’s a fairly sketchy scenario and just shows the risks that retailers are going to go to so they can appease those who hate the ending.

As I’ve said before, this is all getting somewhat out of hand. I cannot remember any game having so much vitriol after its release. Will Bioware learn from this, or will they rightly retain the original ending that they had envisioned?

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