Multiplayer is a brand new feature to the Mass Effect series and to help you along, we’ve written a handy top 5 tips for getting the best out of your multiplayer experience and racking up those credits and EXP.

1. Save up your credits for Spectre Packs

This is a useful tip especially for those who have just started out. While it may be tempting to blow your credits on the cheaper Recruit and Veteran packs, you should save up for the Spectre packs which include 5 random items or characters, with at least 1 Rare or better.

If you’re just starting out, you should hopefully be able to snag yourself a nice upgraded weapon, or at least some decent mods, to help boost your firepower that bit more until you rank up and find a weapon loadout that suits you best.

2. Don’t load out looking like you’ve won a game of Buckaroo

If you’re loading out with two weapons, pick one for long-medium range like an Assault or Sniper Rifle and something for close quarters such as the Pistol, SMG or Shotgun. You don’t need a Sniper and an Assault Rifle.

It is fairly unlikely that you will ever need your second weapon during a round, especially if you have a well-balanced team and visit the ammo crate regularly. Reducing your overall weight will also allow your powers to recharge quicker. This is especially useful for those playing as classes with biotics or those Battlefield 3 soldiers like me who love to use Carnage.

Also remember, controlled bursts of fire. Don’t spray and pray.

3. Power in numbers

There is nothing more annoying than the guy who goes rogue and constantly gets himself killed. If possible, stick together to focus your total firepower at controlled choke points, or if necessary, pair up. This is particularly essential for those tougher enemies such as Atlas’, Brutes and those damn Banshees.

For Brutes, aim for the spinal column as it’s their weak spot. Banshee’s will only target one of you at a time, so if you’re on your own, you’re practically done for. Atlas’ just require a lot of controlled firepower with some armor eating attacks thrown in.

For those of you who still insist on going rogue, self-reviving Medi-Gel is available more widely in the Veteran and Spectre packs.

4. Learn how to use your powers to their full potential

As you progress throughout the multiplayer, and especially if you’re sticking to one class, you will start to learn how to get the best out of your class’ powers to maximise their killing potential.

For soldiers, firing off a few Assault Rifle rounds at an enemy before finishing up with a Carnage or Concussive Shot is a surefire way to rack up the kills. Engineers should utilise their Combat Drone or Decoy on those irritating, but not too bright, Cerberus Guardians before firing off a few shots as they turn their back.

A well placed Grenade at the start of each wave when a group of enemies come out clustered together is also a huge benefit.

5. Speed with objectives is key

As well as mowing down wave after wave of opponents, secondary objectives will also appear during certain waves. These include retrieving data packets from around the map, hacking a beacon and eliminating key targets. These are timed and also offer a credit bonus the quicker you complete them. The faster the time, the higher the payout.

This is were once again, power in numbers comes into play. Having three members defend the fourth who is retrieving a data packet/disabling a device will help speed things along. When hacking a beacon, the more players you have in the hacking zone, the faster the data will upload.

Bonus Tip

After obtaining level 20 with a class in multiplayer, you can promote them to the single player Galaxy at War. This resets the characters classes to level 1, increases war assets in single player by 75, and adds 10 levels to your N7 ranking for multiplayer.

Happy hunting, Commanders!

Ice Koobs
Ice Koobs

I disagree with the first point about the Spectre Packs. While you are right about them having better and Rarer items it's quicker to use the credits on the Veteran Packs to quickly get some good items and then use those items to get greater amounts of money and then start buying the Spectre Packs.


As long as you follow the other 4 points, credits shouldn't be an issue ;) I'm currently level 17 BF3 Human Soldier and am still using the original weapons but modded. I've already managed to buy 4 Spectre packs (the first one after 3 games) just by having good team mates who understand that speed is key.

Ice Koobs
Ice Koobs

Maybe it was just because I was unlucky when I opened my first two Spectre Packs. I got a Shotgun and a Sniper. The two weapons I use the least (for the time being). When I opened up my first Veteran Pack I unlocked a new character and a Assault Rifle Mod. Now I've got a decent setup I've started opening up Spectre Packs again. When you think that you get three Veteran Packs for the price of one Spectre Pack. So either three chances to get Uncommon items or one chance to get a rare item. Plus I hate feeling like I'm dragging the team down by not being as good as they are.

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