Fancy learning how to code games, without all that pesky studying? Well, Primer Labs have got you covered. Code Hero is a first person shooter that actually teaches you how to code within the Unity3D engine as you play.

You take the role of a Primer Labs Game Tester, enrolling in the Gamerbridge Unitversity. “A game first and a learning tool second”, you begin by using code with no real need to understand what you’re using but, with time, you must master the code to complete challenges.

Primer Labs are using Kickstarter to fund the project and have hit their initial $100,000 target and are now aiming for $200,000 to be able to add multiplayer. You can throw money at them here. Everyone who pledges gains access to the Beta.

It’s an unusual but very interesting idea, definitely one to check out.

Source: GeeksAreSexy

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I think i will Five them some money. This is also for Mac, right? If it is, then they can count on my money.

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