Top 5 Awesome PC Case Mods

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It takes a very special kind of mind to look at a pot plant and think “Sure it’s pretty, but what’s the processing power?” That’s exactly the kind of mind we like, here at StickTwiddlers HQ.

We’ve been scouring the net to find our favourite PC case mods, from the weird and wonderful to the just plain awesome and here’s our top 5 PC case mods.

5) Optimus Prime

This fantastic Autobot PC comes from John Mangus of Pennsylvania. Now we just need someone to build a Mac into a giant Megatron and this thing is on!

4) Tie Fighter

This case mod from David Barry is a FORCE to be reckoned with. Force. Get it?! No, I’m not proud of that one.

3) Hulk

HULK SMASH! Need I say more?

This brilliant case mod was created by Chris Blarsky at FusionMods.

2) Nintendo Entertainment System

This retro beauty comes from John Marc Imbresia, Melanarchy on Etsy, where you can nab your very own NES Home Theater PC for $475.00.

Might go smash my kids piggy bank.

1) Battlefield 3 Chain Gun/Fridge

You will have seen this recently if you follow us on Twitter (If you don’t, why not? @StickTwiddlers).

This case by Brian Carter looks amazing from top to bottom and comes complete with fully-functioning mini gun! Well, it spins. Sadly you can’t use it to take out backseat gamers. But the best part? A fridge for your caffeinated beverages.

How much, where and how soon can it be delivered?

Are there any StickTwiddlers fans out there who have built an awesome case mod? We’re still working on ours at StickTwiddlers HQ.

Squeezing a PC, PS3 and 360 into a small bust of Solid Snake’s head may have been a tad ambitious…

Let us see your creations and tell us your favourite in the comment below!


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