Any of you out there playing Skyrim will be aware of the books that are available in the game. These books are all full of tales of Skyrim and some will boost your skill levels too when you read them.

However, it can be time consuming to sit and read them, not to mention a tad inconvenient if you are busy on a quest. Well, now you can relax and read the books in your own time.

Thanks to, you can now download the books of Skyrim onto your Kindle or other device and read the books whenever you like. It will be like having a portable piece of Skyrim with you at all times! It’ll give you something to read while you wait at the doctors for medication to help combat the effects sleep deprivation too.

If you fancy a read just click on one of the links below to view a sample:

Kindle (MOBI)
Nook, iOS and many other platforms (EPUB)

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