The first expansion pack, Back To Karkand, is almost upon us and EA have released a gameplay trailer for one of the classic maps, Gulf Of Oman, for us all to polish our bayonets to.

The three combat vehicles shown in the trailer that EA are bringing back from Battlefield 2 in Back to Karkand are the STOVL fighter jet, desert buggy, and one of the APC’s. The video description also states that viewers can glance ‘a classified fourth vehicle bound to strike fear into the very hearts of the enemy’, which appears to be THE FORKLIFT!

We took a few of screengrabs and it looks like this is our forklift/digger, taking fire from one of the desert buggys at the 0.50min mark and cruising along with an Engineer in the scoop at the 1.00min mark.

Whilst it does look a bit more like a digger, fans of Battlefield will remember the forklift from Battlefield 2: Special Forces which carried two players, a driver and a passenger who straddles the fork at the front of the vehicle, much like what is shown in the video.

Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand is out December 2011 at no extra charge if you own a copy of the Battlefield 3: Limited Edition, or available the same date at £11.99/1200 Microsoft Points.

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