As much as I normally enjoy a damn fine episode of The Simpsons, the latest episode from the long running animated series held an extra special treat for gamers as Bart, Lisa and Homer head off to E4, the ‘Expensive Electronic Entertainment Expo‘, filled with plenty of parodies of some of our favourite titles.

Featuring titles such as Grand Theft Scratchy, World of Krustcraft, Shaun White: Time Snowboarder, Dig Dug Revelations, Assassin’s Creed: Summer Of Love and Human Centipede, the opening to the episode also shows Bart storm through Guts Of War II: Entrails Of Intestinox, with attacks such as ‘Colon Smash’ and ‘Rectum Kill’, much to the dismay of the game designer.

Game designer: “We’ve made a game that will reward the hardcore gamer with hundreds and hundreds of hours of…”
Bart: “Finished it”
Game designer: “But working on this game cost me my marriage. I have twins I’ve never met!”
Bart: “Well when you meet them, tell them your game’s too easy” *drops controller and leaves*

The segment at E4 finishes with an FPS style sequence featuring Homer taking discs from ‘Medal Of Duty’ as he tries to get Bart and Lisa to the Funtendo section in under three minutes, including the classic ‘bleeding out’ style red mist and heavy breathing.

You can see screenshots from the segment featuring all the titles parodied below.

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It was on last Sunday in America, November 3rd.

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