We’ve been following the recent tweets of Zen Studios and Super Meat Boy after a member of Zen Studios came out today with comments about a different side of the story of Team Meat’s negative experience of working with Microsoft.

Here’s a transcript of the tweets from both accounts:


so, what the fuck is your problem? you obviously have no fucking clue what we went through to talk shit like that publicly.

for another dev to directly attack us as an attempt to get on MS’s good side without even asking us about our experience.. nice

then why are you making shit up about us hiding the fact that our game was successful? and implying MS didnt fuck us?

you guys a fucking straight up assholes, im floored by how ignorant and blind your comments were, theres no excuse for that

its not hate man, its simply facts and information so others dont fall into the same holes we did.

we are trying to help devs who are new to this like we were do they dont make the same mistakes, we feel the truth is important

what really pains me is we have been trying to cool down on the MS stuff but now we have to explain it again because of you…

so if you were upset by our GDC speech, why did you guys wait 7 months to comment on it?

the MSstudios guys are awesome, if you had listen to the podcast you were have heard that. our issues weren’t with them.

when you are in an interview and people ask you about something you talk about it, we didn’t come out saying lets bash MS!

why did you feel the need to attack us instead of just talking about your personal possitive experience with MS?


You have made your experiences perfectly clear to everyone. Sorry it was so terrible for you.

Then give them some credit? Why all the hate all the time?

I was floored when I sat in your GDC keynote and heard what you had to say.

When I read the Gama piece yesterday it made me do this. I mean, when is enough enough? The MSFT guys are awesome, they work super hard for all of us. it’s a bummer when things don’t turn out the way we all want. then i heard the latest podcast and I said “Someone has to say SOMETHING.” It’s not all bad with them!

Because “personal positive experiences with MS” do not get headlines. there is no controversy. to make this point I needed to call you out and BTW, was very much looking forward to meeting you at Indie Game the Movie premiere in Santa Cruz until it got cancelled

it’s in defense of Microsoft. we get plenty of headlines on our own. if you make a good game, headlines will come

The two devs are now talking behind the scenes to resolve the matter.

Tweets from @supermeatboy after the incident read:

our experience with MS’s business side wasnt a good one, everyone knows it. we talked about it because we dont want it to happen to others
im sure many teams have had great experiences with MS, but that doesn’t make ours any less valid. we learned from our mistakes..
our experience was fully documented in Indie Game: The Movie, if you want the inside scoop check it out when it launches.

And finally ended with so, now that that’s over… how about a meat boy pinball skin!? :)

To find out the answer to that last question, you’ll have to read our recent interview with Zen Studios about the matter which you can find . We have also contacted Team Meat for a comment and an offer to hear their side of the story.

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