When I got an X360 this year, there was one title I knew I had to get immediately: Deadly Premonition. The title developed by Japanese designer SWERY is known for it’s insane script, voice acting and general feel. It’s a B-Movie game, with the main character often talking about B-Movies in the 80’s he saw when he was a kid…to the voice in his head. SWERY has now stated that his team at Access Games are planning some new titles in the series.

He wants to develop both a prequel and sequel to the game which would be awesome as the characters had a big backstory that could be looked into in more detail. These prequel and sequel titles are only in the planning phases, as is a Special Edition of the first title. The Special Edition would feature better graphics than the original which are, lets say, ‘special’. These titles won’t be seen just yet though as Access are working on an original title which will be a story driven action adventure in the same vein as Deadly Premonition.

An example of Deadly Premonition’s ‘Uniqueness’

SWERY did say that these plans could come to nothing, but hopefully we’ll see more Deadly Premonition titles in the future. It’d especially be awesome if the Special Edition came to the PS3, as the original title was only on the PS3 in Japan whereas it was an X360 exclusive everywhere else.

Deadly Premonition is avaliable on disk and on the Xbox Live Games on Demand Service.

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