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It’s Friday, which means it’s time for me have a look around the internet and high street stores to find a fantastic bargain for you to play while your other half/parent/mate wraps up your Christmas pressies. This weeks pick was suggested to me by a Community Twiddler and after some searching I’ve managed to find the game (or games) for a grand total of £3.00

The Arcade Collection is, rather then just a single title, a collection of arcade games (Come on, you saw that coming..right?) contained in one single disc. Uno, Boom Boom Rocket, Pac Man CE, Luxor 2 and Feeding Frenzy are all included here and when you consider the combined price of each if brought from XBLA it’s even better value. As this collection contains more then one game probably the best thing to do is take a look at each title on its own merits.


Infamous for being the Xbox Live version of ‘Chat Roulette’, Uno brings the classic card game to the console. Single player against the AI is possible but the real meat of the game (sometimes literally) lies in the multiplayer portion of the game. With an online community still going strong it’s very easy to find a game. Nice crisp graphics, fun and relaxing gameplay and avatar and Live Camera support; Uno is a really nice and simple game which is surprisingly addictive. Just make sure you’re careful with who you are playing against!

Boom Boom Rocket

At its core a rhythm game, BBR puts you in charge of a fireworks display. By hitting the correct buttons in time with the music the fireworks will explode correctly. It’s very simple but surprisingly difficult and the harder settings will see you head-butting your TV in frustration..or is that just me? Not a bad game but not an instant classic ether.

Luxor 2

Almost a cross between Zuma and Galaxian, Luxor is…well…strange. Small coloured balls come pouring out of an opening and wind their way through a loop or a wiggly line or some other pattern. You’re given a cannon that launches similarly coloured balls at the moving loops and your goal is to break up the loops before they get to the very end of the stage by creating three or more combinations of same-colored balls I’m not sure what I can say about this one apart from it’s ‘ok’. If you like Zuma and puzzle type games then I’m sure you will find this enjoyable.

Pacman CE

It’s Pacman! What’s not to like here?! The CE edition differs slightly from the game we’re typically used in that you have 4 or 5 ‘modes’ to play through rather than just the normal standard style game. Each mode has a time limit imposed and your goal is to survive until the time runs out. Graphics are brought into the 21st century with bright techno style artwork and seizure inducing flashes. Very addictive and very fun, Pacman never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Feeding Frenzy

You’re a fish who is hungry. You have to eat food. You grow bigger the more you eat. This lets you eat bigger fish. That’s pretty much all there is to Feeding Frenzy; it’s really that simple. However simple does not always mean rubbish and it’s surprisingly easy to pick up but pretty hard to put down.

In total all these arcade games would cost you over 2000 MSP from the XBLM so for £3 it’s a fantastic bargain. Stand out titles have to be Pacman CE and Uno but the others included here will appeal to different people and there will almost certainly be something here to suit everyone. Each title also has 200g to gain, just like their downloadable counterparts, so you get the best of both worlds (No, not that Miley Cyrus song). The only downside to getting these on disc is that you are unable to install the games to your HDD. Even if you install the game, each title will still load from the disc as if you have not which is slightly annoying. If you love some cheap XBLA games, pick this collection up now. DO IT!

The Arcade Collection is available from CEX for £3.00 for Xbox 360.

Thanks to Ryan (@slaptarze) for this weeks game. Got a suggestion for a game you want me to hunt down and try? Mail me at but be warned, if it’s rubbish I shall hurt you!

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