Well it’s time of the week again folks, when I delve into the depths of the unknown or forgotten games to find you some cheap thrills for the weekend. This week, braving the three feet of snow we have had here in chilly Scotland, I’ve managed to track down Red Faction: Guerrilla for the rock bottom price of six hundred pence.

Released in June of last year, RF:G see’s you playing the role of Alec Mason as he attempts to smash the living hell out of anything which remotely looks like a building on the planet Mars. Oh, and something else about freeing some oppressed miners from an evil corporate force known as the EDF and avenging your brothers death…but mostly it’s about breaking things.

No, really. The problem is that the storyline is rather rough around the edges at some points, and just plain horrible in others. When I first started playing I admit that I was intrigued by the plot as the opening scenes and missions are quite interesting and fun to play but around the 80th ‘Rescue the hostages’ mission, even I had started to grow tired of it.

The gameplay is based around performing a set number of ‘Guerrilla Actions’ (which normally involve rescuing something, killing someone, or blowing something up) which in turn will drop the EDF’s hold on the sector you are in. Drop the bar low enough and the next story mission will unlock. Sounds fine on paper, but in practice it gets old. Fast.

What NEVER gets old though is the destruction in this game. I really can not stress enough just how fantastic the destruction in this game is. Everything reacts exactly as it should and means the way you complete missions is pretty much down to you. Need to rescue someone from a building? Do you take the door, or do drive head first into the building, reverse back out while watching the debris fall away from your vehicle then bound into the gaping hole you have left hurling EDF troops through walls with your hammer while screaming ‘ALEC SMASH!’?  Yeah..I thought as much.

Multiplayer is well catered for here also, with various modes such as ‘Wrecking Crew’ which sees people trying to cause the most amount of damage to building and the obligatory Deathmatch modes. Surprisingly the community is not dead yet, as I was able to find a few games still active which is always a bonus.

There are also 3 DLC packs out for the title; two of which increase modes, maps, weapons and vehicles for multiplayer and one story based pack which revolves around Masons past life. As well as the DLC for the game, THQ are set to bring out a sequel entitled ‘Red Faction: Armageddon’ which, all things considered, looks pretty snazzy.

Overall this is a fantastic game and one I fear many people may have overlooked after hearing reports of poor storylines and such. While this is true, the sheer enjoyment that can be had with the Geo Mod 2.0 engine outweighs this problem almost entirely and for £6, you really can’t go wrong.

Red Faction: Guerrilla is available at Gamestation for £4.99 (Xbox 360) and PS3 for £9.99 (PS3). Now go buy it..now..go on.

Got a suggestion for a game you want me to hunt down and try? Mail me at alan@sticktwiddlers.com but be warned, if it’s rubbish I shall hurt you!

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Doug M
Doug M

I got this game free with Darksiders. It is great, just destroying things give me a warm fuzzy feeling. I really hope they keep the series going. @vermontffl

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